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NEW - Added December 15, 2009

» Demographic Change in Tasmania:
Strategies for addressing challenges and opportunities
Demographic Change Advisory Council, Government of Tasmania • 2009

Over the next 40 years, major changes are expected in the size and, more importantly, the age structure of Tasmania’s population. We can expect a declining workforce, very large growth in the number of people aged 65 and over, and a decline in the number and relative share of those of school age and younger.

To ensure that the overall economic and social sustainability of Tasmania can be maintained, Tasmania will need to plan for, and adapt to, these changes.

State and Local Government, the business sector and organisations such as the University of Tasmania have already factored some of the expected impacts of demographic change into their longer term planning. For example, the State Government has prepared Tasmania’s Health Plan, to ensure that government services can be delivered sustainably over the long term.

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